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Technyflex Canine and our Gorgeous Pug

pugdog'This is Bailey – he hurt his elbow joint when he was about 7 months old (September 2012), after a visit to the vets he was put on anti inflammatory drugs as it was thought he might have elbow dysplasia (basically he would be living a life in constant pain and having to use pain management drugs forever), even on the anti inflammatory drugs he was still not able to use his leg to bear weight. It was very sad to think that this very young puppy would not be able to enjoy life as he should!

It was recommended to me by a lovely lady at work, who has horses to try Technyflex, then also by my wonderful dog chiropractor. I was desperate to give Bailey the quality of life that he deserved! I decided to give Technyflex a try. After about a week – it was incredible to see Bailey walking again and it didn’t take him long after that to start being able to get a bit of a pug run happening. I’m so happy that Bailey now lives a pain free and very active life! I really don’t know where we would have been with out Technyflex. Thank you Technyflex.'

Kathryn and Bailey, 1st June 2013

'I have an 11 yr old GSP who had been suffering with arthritis in his knee. He was slow and in pain, but still wanted to run. Upsetting to watch him struggle, I decided to try this product, (other things were not working anymore). He is now running, and ran with me on the quad the other night, the pain has eased up so much for him and he is hardly even stiff in the mornings. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Thank you so much, from him and from me. I suggest anyone try this product, you seriously have nothing to lose.'

Leanne Sharman

'Oliver is 2yrs old, he weighs 60kg and stands 39 inches from the shoulder. His problem is his feet knuckle over, this is due to the fact that Oliver grew to fast, resulting in his tendons not keeping up with his bone growth, making the tendons tight and causing his feet to knuckle over. Oliver has been wearing special shoes, that help to an extent,they don't help with the pain, he is very slow at getting up and walking and would only get up when necessary. Since we have had Oliver on the Technyflex we have noticed a big difference in his mobility, he will get up and go out for a bit of a play and even runs a little bit now, He actually will walk with out his shoes, ( something he would not do before) Oliver still knuckles over but I think Technyflex has taken the inflammation and Arthritic pain to a level that Oliver can handle now. We have only been on Technyflex for a few weeks, so are hoping that Oliver improves even more over time. So a big THANK YOU Ashley and loads of Slobbers from Oliver, you have made his life a little more enjoyable. Oliver is still nowhere near as agile as the others, but just to see him have a play and enjoy himself for even a short time is the best feeling. Thank you again!'
Denise & Oliver

Before: Oliver wearing his shoes, would mainly
site around and getting up was hard and painful.

 Having a play with his ball.

'We are extremely pleased with the results we have seen in our dog. Our dog Gypsy is a Bull Mastiff/Rottweiller cross, and was about 4 when she started experiencing problems in her back hips. She would still get up and play, but would suffer the consequences later. We tried a few herbal remedies that would work for a few days but then the effects would wear off. We had heard how Green Lipped Mussel extract has had positive effects on human arthritis sufferers, and were pleased to find a Canine product available. Within a week of Gypsy starting on these pills, we noticed a huge difference. And within a month she was back to her normal self and acting the age she should be. Now, she longer limps nor is in pain. She plays with our other dog with no problems. The cold doesn't effect her movement, and she is full of life and happy.'
Monique Mathews

'Thank you Technyflex for saving my dog! My 9 year old Harlequin Great Dane, Cosmo is almost completely white, so the health risks associated with this are enormous. Cosmo has suffered with allergies all his life, some have caused him a great deal of discomfort and multiple trips to the Vet and medications. As 3 year old he was diagnosed with a haemangiosarcoma, and since then I have been diligent with assessing him for potential others. He has had several haemangiomas removed, some of which have been most distressing to him. In this last year, he has had tremendous problems with arthritis, some events looking very auto-immune in nature, some looking like severe septic arthritis. His last event resulted in huge doses of cartrophen, which had no effect on the joint but did result in side effects such as a hacky cough, and pain. At one stage his symptoms suggested some cardiac failure. He lost about 10 kgs and I really thought that the haemangiosarcoma had entered his bones and it was the end for him. I researched cartrophen and the alternate drug Metacam more extensively and quickly realised that these drugs were closely associated with the human drugs Mobic and Celebrex. Being a nurse, and knowing the severe side effects of Mobic and Celebrex, I instantly knew that my dog had to get off Cartrophen IMMEDIATELY, and I must find something to help him. He was started on an acute course of prednisolone which resulted in a rapid recovery. My Vet suggested when his course of steroids were finished I should re-commence him on a joint drug. One quick google search resulted in finding Technyflex. I immediately commenced him on 2 capsules twice a day. He remains on 2 tablets daily. His skin is smooth, his small suspicious haemangioma spots have remained small, and I would have to say some have even disappeared. He hasn't had an allergic reaction to much at all. He has regained the weight and all his joints move freely and painlessly. He is like he was when he was 4 years old. There hasn't been another severe acute arthritic event since. I always believe that the science behind everything will give you the answers you need. I always research things extensively before I make a decision , especially if its about my animals. As Technyflex has no side effects or complications and has no drug interactions it was very easy to trust it quickly and give it a go. The turn around in Cosmo's health and wellbeing is quick frankly magical... Thank you Technyflex, your canine capsules will be a constant at our home for many years to come.'
Meagan Mannering
B. ApSc.(nursing), BAp.Sc (equine).

'Excellent service! Noticeable improvement in my dogs walking after having sore and weak rear legs.'
Colin - New Zealand

'I first discovered Technyflex® as a wonderful alternative treatment for my 9 year old Great Dane. At the time he could no longer take Vet prescribed drugs for arthritis due to their side effects. Technyflex® relieved his pain and had no damaging side effects. I have since given it to my other dogs for inflammatory conditions due to injury as well, and have had the same excellent results.'
S.B - Australia

'Late last year I noticed my 17 year old Red Cattle dog was starting to develop quite a bad limp due to arthritis in his front left and rear joints. I started him on Technyflex® Canine capsules. At first there was no dramatic improvement, however around 7- 10 days later I noticed Max was not pulling his fur out and seemed to be able to get up a lot easier. After two weeks he had noticeably more energy and was actually running alongside the car (something he had not done for months). His fur has grown back completely and he could get up a lot easier first thing in the mornings. I am certain Technyflex® Canine capsules have had a positive effect on his general health, energy and mobility.'
J.L - Australia

'Paddy my 7 year old dog was begining to show the signs of athritis. I am very careful with his diet and want to avoid steroids. I decided to try Technyflex® and the results were dramatic. Clearly it helped him more than any supplement had in the past.He now takes two tablets per day and our Vet says he looks wonderful- so free in his movement. I hope many others who want to maintain their dogs'health will give Technyflex® a try.'
M.S - Australia

'Our 13 year old dog was becoming quite lame and stiff but since taking Technyflex Canine he moves freely with no sign of limping. Coming off the product for a 10 day period (we were on holiday)-he showed signs of being lame and stiff once again. This showed us just how well Technyflex canine has worked on Suman. I have always found the service very friendly and prompt when purchasing online or over the phone.'
Jane Laurie - New Zealand